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Business Class Ethernet Services

        Dedicated Fiber. Dedicated to your business.

MetroCast Business Class Ethernet Services deliver a dedicated fiber connection for guaranteed speeds and connectivity. Plus, scalable bandwidth, tailored to fit your business needs.

Dedicated Internet and Point-to-Point Connectivity with Symetrical Speeds
up to 1 Gbps!

Perfect for Large Businesses

Whatever your needs, dedicated MetroCast Business Class Ethernet Services ensure reliable speeds and uninterrupted connectivity.

  • Handling massive e-mail volume
  • Delivering huge uploads and downloads
  • Keeping scores of employees productive
  • Integrating with complex PBX phone systems
  • Providing smooth streaming for videos and Webinars


MetroCast Business Class Ethernet Services are delivered exclusively via fiber, which gives customers the freedom to make changes to their bandwidth as needed. So when you ask for more bandwidth on Monday, you get more bandwidth on Monday. Most changes to your data plan can happen almost instantaneously.

Unbeatable Value

Why endure the costs of expensive copper T1 lines and “local loop” charges when you can pay for exactly what you need? Get the right amount of bandwidth for your business. Plus, get guaranteed faster speeds.

Get all this & more:

Bandwidth to meet the changing demands of your business

Solutions to grow as your business grows

Guaranteed speeds delivered over a dedicated Fiber Optic line

Symmetrical capacity for uploads & downloads

Higher class service

Fully managed by MetroCast

Connect one office or multiple locations

The affordable upgrade over expensive copper T1 lines

Get connected today!

† A 3-year agreement may be required to receive this offer. Installation charges apply. Special construction charges may apply. Business Class Ethernet Service is not available in all areas. Call your local office for information specific to your area.