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Enterprise Business

"When MetroCast came in with the fiber connection for us at Smartronix, it was light year's difference."

Steve Bishop, Director of Engineering Solutions, Smartronix

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"We needed a broadband provider that could handle a hospital and everything that goes along with it."

Lakes Region General Hospital

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"They were able to design a system that met with both of our technology and our marketing and sales strategy within the bank."

Bank of Lancaster

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Our New Hampshire & Maine Clients Say...

"... they give me the flexibility I need."

Sandra Keene, Newfound Bed & Breakfast

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"It allows us to provide our patients with the best service possible."

Debra A. Poulin OD, Barrington Family Eyecare

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"MetroCast web hosting and development listened to our needs and delivered just that."

Abe Neudorf, Hampshire Pewter

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"...their service is critical to our success."

Erin St. Jean, Sanford Flooring

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Having MetroCast Business Services allows me to connect my 2 stores on one network. I use it for billing, inventory, accounts receivable, everything. Without it, I could not run my business as efficiently as I do.

Allen Moulton, Moulton Lumber

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All the financing and advertising for my dealership is dependent on a fast and reliable connection to the Internet and I knew from having MetroCast at home, that they could provide me with that.

Timothy Emery, Tim's Truck Capital

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The planning, scheduling, and implementation was smooth as can be and so easy! Even the follow up and maintenance is great.

Desiree McLaughlin, Central Street Laundry

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"MetroCast helps our business become more efficient through our ability to order on line with vendors, and transmit media to members in a fast and reliable way."

Steve Bottomly, Mojalaki Golf Club

"Communicating with our other stores is key to our success and MetroCast high speed internet helps us do this."

Mike Sylvain, Granite State Glass

"Outstanding high-speed internet access allows us to communicate to our off-site warehouse, and we have the area’s only high-definition television showroom."

Mark Roullard, Central Furniture & Appliance - Sanford ME

Our Maryland Clients Say...

"Having 3 services on one bill saves me time allowing me to concentrate on running my business."

Mark E. Dale, Pro Fitness Health and Exercise

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"MetroCast's priority, local service helps keep my business going."

Ralph Ritchie, Sauer, Inc

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"I can count on them to keep my business connected."

Wayne Davis, W.M. Davis Development

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"Reliability, Affordability. A tremendous advantage for every small business. A service that no small business can afford to be without."

David Taylor, Phocus Video

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"Response time is expedient when there is a problem it is solved in a quick fashion. MetroCast also has a faster connection than the other providers. The customer service is great too. We can talk to someone we know. There is not a lot of miscommunication. We know who we are talking to it makes things much easier."

David Brown, Chesapeake PC Source

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Our Pennsylvania Clients Say...

"I get so much more for the dollar and it's all in one, convenient package."

Karen Markle, Center Stage

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"The speed and reliability saves me time and money and therefore benefits my business."

Marc Nespoli, Fuel Fitness

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"MetroCast saved us a lot of money, it allowed us to broaden our market by connecting our signal locally, now local programming can be brought to the local community. We can go anywhere that has HSI and do a live broadcast from that location!"

Bob VanDerheyden, Bold Gold Media Group

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"Before our DSL connections would go down a lot and they couldn't track problems quickly, it was a constant problem. Since we had MetroCast we only needed service once. Your rep Joe was very prompt and quick to respond. The service has always been reliable."

Alan Posey, L&H Trucking

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"Friendly, Customer Service Oriented. Effective and Efficient. Reliable Service, dependable. That is what we are looking for, you're there when we need it!"

Lori Vandermark, CPS Direct Marketing & Communications

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Our Connecticut Clients Say...

"With their personal attention, they provide me with the support I need to run my business."

Cindy Sebrell, Item Creative

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"They are always there to help whenever I need them."

David Preka, Red Lion Steakhouse

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"The service we get from MetroCast is worth its weight in gold. The MetroCast Business Service Manager Tom stepped up to the plate. He went overboard to get my service up and running within a day. The follow-through is important to me. Tom really cares about my business."

Hoelck's Florist

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"There are many obvious benefits to working with a company that is so easy to get in touch with, as well has to having a dedicated representative that is literally a phone call away."

Savage Systems

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