MetroCast Business Class Phone is here! You’ll be amazed at the features you get at a truly competitive price!

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Stop waiting for files to load. Raise productivity in-house. Improve service to customers. MetroCast's Business package provides internet upload speeds three times faster than our Small Business package and twice the e-mail accounts.

Optimal number of computers supported: up to 10

Ideal package for:

Law partners
Insurance brokers
Real estate developers & brokers
Busy retailers


Multiple terminals online simultaneously
Sending larger files
Checking inventories
Voice over IP (internet telephony)
Security camera viewing
Processing credit cards
Effective January, 2015

up to 18 Mbps* down
up to 1 Mbps* up
10 Email accounts
1 Static IP Address
100 MB mail space
40 MB web space
No service fees

  Just $99.95/mo
WiFi Now Available
Note: Out of the 5 dynamic IP addresses, you may choose to have 1 static IP at no extra charge.

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*MetroCast Business Internet Service speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Modem required. For best performance, use of a MetroCast-approved cable modem is recommended. A DOCSIS 3.0 modem is required to receive the fastest speeds for the Advanced and Professional High Speed tiers, and is strongly recommended for all other tiers. Additional terms, restrictions and conditions apply.

Wireless Internet connects up to 12 wireless devices. Wireless service not to be used as a primary network. Speeds are not guaranteed. Additional equipment fee of $7.00 per month for the wireless modem is required. Service not available in all areas. Other restrictions may apply.