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As a cable television subscriber, you are entitled under federal law to know the following about the CABLE CO.

To maintain your account accuracy and avoid any errors, our regular business records contain your name, address, telephone number, the number of cable outlets, converter(s)/decoder(s) in your household, the service options you have selected and your billing and payment record.

This information which is the only personally identifiable information we keep is our records, is considered confidential. It is disclosed to third parties only if disclosure is necessary to provide cable television service or to conduct related business activities (for example, disclosure to the company that addresses and mails out monthly bills and guides, the programming services you subscribe to, or a collection service for past due accounts, or you give us advanced permission, or a court orders us to disclose the information. Even then, you must be notified before we will release the information requested in the court order.)

We may also periodically test the system to determine whether you are being properly billed for the cable services you are receiving.

While you are a subscriber, we will keep this information and may retain it for a longer period of time if it is needed for a legitimate business activity. When the information is no longer needed, we will destroy it. Usually the information is kept for no more than three years after an account is closed.

As a subscriber, you have the right to inspect the records relating to your account and to correct any errors you may find. You also have the right under federal law to enforce limitations regarding the collection or disclosure of information. If you wish to review the information contained in your account, you may contact us at our local system office to set up an appointment during regular business hours.